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Karen Wiseman

Physical Therapist, DPT, CLT-LANA
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Michigan, Michigan
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Briana’s Avatar
Briana Sep 05, 2019 498 views

1. Does Physical Therapy Assistant is a good job? 2.Is my career is pay off ? 3. Does this career is to hard to get in to get a job?

#physical-therapy assistant

selena’s Avatar
selena Nov 05, 2019 432 views

what kind of benefits are provided?

I want to work as a physical therapist assistance. #physical-therapist

justin’s Avatar
justin Jul 02, 2019 592 views

What would you recommend I do at this point to get into this field?

Hello my name is Justin I'm highly interested in getting into physical therapy. #physical

Ahiline’s Avatar
Ahiline Oct 14, 2019 505 views

What are the advantages of being a Physical therapist with an associates degree?

#physical-therapist #physical-therapy