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David Garrison

Mechanical Engineer
Healthcare Support Occupations - Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Longmont, Colorado
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Andy Jun 19, 2020 485 views

What important skills do we need to become a solar design engineer?

#engineer #design

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Samantha Aug 26, 2018 569 views

How do I determine which college is best for me?

How do I pick the right school?
#college #school

gloria’s Avatar
gloria Oct 09, 2019 416 views

How would i go about getting into the welding field


Daljeet’s Avatar
Daljeet Oct 12, 2019 543 views

what are the negatives effects of rapid change in technology in mechanical industries?

like robots increases unemployment by replacing man power... #mechanical-engineering

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Marcos Nov 15, 2019 1014 views

How much is the best you've ever gotten paid at this job?

#job #career #job-search #mechanic