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Madalyn L. May 24 162 views

Where is the best place to study to be a lawyer?

One of the careers I'm considering is being a lawyer or attorney. #college-major #laywer #criminal-justice #attorney...


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Mariam K. May 27 194 views

I'd like to know more about jobs in the legal field

I'm a second year law student in a french university. I'd like to pursue a career in law but I am wondering about the work/life balance #attorney #law #law-school...


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Michelle A. Jun 01 148 views

What should I do during my high school years to help me get into law school?

As soon as I graduate my dream has always been to go into law. More specifically, to become an immigration lawyer. To go more in depth of what I'm asking is what activities or certain things will look in my resume when applying to a university? #law #lawyer #graduate-school #law-school...