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Srishti Jun 09, 2021 522 views

Are two semesters of undergraduate research experience too little for PhD application? I missed out on a summer worth of research due to COVID. Do I still have a chance?

#biochemistry #gradschool #PhD #undergraduateresearch #graduateschool #STEM

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Srishti Jun 01, 2021 516 views

Is it better to select an established PI rather than an up and coming PI for my PhD in the US? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

#PhD #gradschool # #science-phd #research #biochemistry

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Srishti Apr 02, 2021 474 views

What kinds of jobs can I apply for in the US as an international student with a Biochemistry/Biotechnology bachelors degree , especially if I want to work for laboratory experience and then apply for graduate school?

#international-student #biochemistry #biotechnology #job

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Srishti Feb 17, 2021 577 views

What volunteer experience is available for biochemistry majors wanting to go to grad school?

#masters #biochemistry

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Srishti Feb 16, 2021 382 views

I am interested in the MS program in Biochemistry at the Rackham Graduate School of University of Michigan. Could someone share with me their experience with the program?

I am a Biochemistry/Biotechnology major at Michigan State University.
#masters #biochemistry #uofm