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Anne Weber

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Keith Jun 26, 2019 502 views

How is the job opportunity outlook for welding in the next 5 years?

#welding #career

Celia’s Avatar
Celia Jul 18, 2020 727 views

What are some ways college students can build up their resume during COVID-19?

#skills #collegestudents #coronavirus #JULY20

Monique’s Avatar
Monique Jul 17, 2020 1160 views

What are the pros and cons of working for a nonprofit full-time?

I currently volunteer with several nonprofits doing communications and programmatic work, but I am wondering what a full-time position would look like upon graduation. What are the pros and cons (looking at job security, salary, etc.)?

#JULY20 #career #nonprofit

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princess Jul 17, 2020 632 views

Is it a right decision to apply to the USA for fall 2021 next year considering all that's been going on in US?

#Usa #general #college #Nursing #career #pediatricnursing #internationalstudents #JULY20