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Madhumitha Ravindran

integration engineer
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Mountain View, California
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Armella May 31, 2022 448 views

When you are about to start the day, what are your first duties ?

I like to start each day by going over any schedule to make sure any calls or meetings I have are top of mind and I get any prep work for those done first thing . Then, I usually answer my emails while i'm still fresh.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Feb 07, 2022 777 views

What is the best language to learn for a computer science career?

I am really interested in going into the field of work of a software engineer or somewhere in the IT department. I know that there are plenty of ways I can prepare for a job like that. I am wondering which language will help me most for the future. I also want to know which language would be...

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Jun 29, 2022 901 views

what are some examples of hands-on careers that have a relatively flexible schedule?

I'm still in high school and I have no clue what I want to do career-wise. really any examples of careers that follow that kind of structure would be cool.