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Elizabeth C

Birmingham, Alabama
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DD Jun 25, 2021 512 views

I am not confident of what to do next

I am science student who now thinks being a part of the business world is much better than my direct option- Engineering.
#business #management #engineering #international

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Christine Jun 24, 2021 796 views

Why should you study accounting?

I'm struggling to decide which career to pursue? #accounting

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Ambar Jun 10, 2021 710 views

What can I do as a high schoolers to help my progress of becoming an accountant in college?

I want to become an accountant. #accounting #business #finance

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Elizabeth Nov 14, 2020 649 views

What are some international business positions available to an accounting major?

I think it would be fun and interesting to work in an international setting as an accountant. I am just wondering what opportunities are out there.
#International #Accounting #GivingisCaring