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I want to have a job that helps people. Law or medicine specifically. However, I would like to make a decent amount of money because I want to own a couple businesses and start charities.



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Johara Dec 09, 2020 805 views

Calling all lawyers!

I am debating going into a career that relates with law. I wanted to be a corporate lawyer, then a criminal defense attorney, but now I'm debating a trial lawyer. Do you have a suggestion on which one I should choose? What convinced you to go into your specific law? #law #lawyer #lawyers...

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Johara Dec 09, 2020 717 views

Calling all physiatrist, ER doctors and primary care physicians!

I'm debating on going into medicine and narrowed it down into three choices. Do you mind telling me what you do in your career? How are the people you work with? What was your pre-med degree and what was it like in med school? #doctor #medicine #medschool #medical-school #physician