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Sr. Manager - Network Engineering & Ops - Expense budget/tracking focus
Columbus, OH
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Lauren C. May 23, 2016 603 views

Are there certain classes that I have to take that would benefit the career I want to have?

I want to go into nursing, so I want to really make sure that I take the right classes that will get me to my goal. For the classes I want to take, I want them to help me in the career pathway I choose. professor career-advice educators office...


Rita O.’s Avatar
Rita O. Jun 17, 2016 594 views

As a junior in high school how can I choose a career involved with helping people such as healthcare(a doctor) without limiting my possible career options?

I have a passion for helping and advising people and seeing them get better, I'm strongly about attracted to healthcare but science and math are my weakest subjects which a good doctor would need to be strong in. I'm more interested in the patient care send administration aspects of healthcare....

career-advice writer pre-med doctor helping-others pediatrician

Taofeek L.’s Avatar
Taofeek L. Feb 23 151 views

Im interested in becoming an engineer and I'm not really sure what colleges to look at to become one

I'm currently a 17 year old Junior and i'm the oldest of 4 children and I play football I'm going to be the first of my parents kids to go to college and I don't really know what to do...


Jaythean I.’s Avatar
Jaythean I. Feb 26 321 views

What jobs are available to someone interested in the math field?

I am a Junior from KIPP Academy in Lynn Massachusetts and for most of my academic career have found a liking in math, as a result of this interest I was hoping to continue pursuing this at the next level and was hoping to see some examples of jobs that involve math. mathematics career-options...