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adhyansh’s Avatar
adhyansh Feb 18, 2023 690 views

how to prepare for sat to achieve the best score possible?

this year i'm appearing for sat and in alot of pressure. Need your guidance on how could i prepare for it?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Jun 29, 2022 673 views

What steps do I take after high school to become an engineer?

I am a 15 year old interested in engineering. I am already in a CAD program at my school. The program does offer engineering. I am just wondering what to do after high school.

Jabria’s Avatar
Jabria May 30, 2021 639 views

I am currently a mechanical engineering major with a minor in biology. I am interested in possibley pursuing a MD. Does it make sense to pursue a post bac in biology or get a masters in biology to aid in preparation for the MCAT?