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Doug Winder

Marketing Director
Management Occupations - Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Trenton-Andrew Jun 24, 2021 538 views

what training and advice can you give about running a business?

I am going to open up multiple locations some day, and operate tourist locations, I will be attending college after culinary arts training. but still unsure what I will learn in college. #business #culinary #management #entrepreneur #college

John’s Avatar
John Jun 23, 2021 1000 views

What do you need to become an entrepreneur?

I'm referring to knowledge, and physical objects or resources.
I'm looking for a more practical answer, not any mindset or attitude answers.

#entrepreneurship #business #business-management # #entrepreneur

Saniya’s Avatar
Saniya Jun 21, 2021 971 views

Digital marketing/ brand ambassador

What are some good steps to becoming a digital marketer/ brand ambassador?
#marketing #business #ambassador #digitalmarketing

Subhash’s Avatar
Subhash Jun 20, 2021 616 views

What is bar graph in share marketing

#marketing #business-management #social-media-marketing