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Bob Kantor

Director at Fannie Mae
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Hartford, Connecticut
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Shayni May 09, 2016 1215 views

Will there be study options to help me out when I need it in college ?

I often need tutoring and my grades wind up slipping due to tests. #college #teaching #teacher #professor #students #testing #tutoring

Britny ’s Avatar
Britny May 10, 2016 1130 views

How do I choose between colleges?

I have a few different options and I've considered all the usual things like location and academics. But what else can I use to narrow down my search for the perfect college? #college

Karen’s Avatar
Karen May 11, 2016 3043 views

Commute or dorm?

I want to hear anyone's experiences of commuting or dorming for school and what was their experiences with that. The pros and cons and the reality of each situation. #college #experience #college-life #benefits