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Isabel Ortiz

Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Portland, Oregon
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Hayden Sep 17, 2021 522 views

What keeps you motivated to work?

I'm interested in going into the nursing field. #nursing #nurse

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Emily Sep 18, 2021 884 views

How do I figure out what career I'd like to pursue in the future?

All my life, I've only been exposed to the most generic careers. ie. careers in the medical field, law, computer science, engineering, education. I've done research, but because I've only seen those select few careers in action, I'm not really sure what interests me. School isn't exactly...

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Jackson Jan 17, 2018 789 views

What is the potential to make connections for a future career at a private university verses a large public university?

I am a Junior at a St. Louis area high school looking at my options for colleges. To help me decide where to go if I am accepted I am looking for feedback regarding connections available at smaller private universities. I am a person who gets along with pretty much everyone and will have no...