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Hillary Moore

Registered Nurse
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Orange, California
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Justin Apr 26, 2022 350 views

For Registered nurses, can they get their loans forgiven or paid for by the hospital they work in if they stay there for two years?

I am a high school Junior looking into getting in a nursing school program in Texas.

Britteny’s Avatar
Britteny Nov 29, 2021 370 views

How long is a typical shift for a nurse?

#nurse #vocationalclass

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Oct 07, 2021 268 views

what skills are needed to be a registered nurse?

In school I am most interested in health and science classes. I'm very passionate about helping other people who cannot help themselves. A career I am interested in is nursing. What kind of personal skills are required to be a successful nurse? #healthcare

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Nov 02, 2021 427 views

What is the career success rate for Registered Nurses

Thank you for agreeing to this informational interview. My name is Eric. I am a Cleveland Job Corps student, and I am reaching out to you because I believe I would enjoy a career in #healthcare #nursing #registered-nurses nurse or LPN, and I would appreciate your perspective on the practical...

Meredith’s Avatar
Meredith Sep 09, 2021 689 views

How difficult is it to manage your time in the hospital (or a fast paced environment), if your a registered nurse?

I'm interested in learning more about the health care field and what it takes to be a nurse. I feel I manage my time wisely, but want to get a better idea of what the hospital setting is like. #nurse #nursing #healthcare #medicine #hospital #rn #registered-nurse #doctor

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 14, 2021 396 views

what is your favorite thing about being a nurse?

i am 14, i have autism. #nurse

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 431 views

What does a RN job application process look like?

I am an international student studying Nursing in Miami and I have no idea what to expect of the job application process to look like.

#nursing #nurse #nursing-education #medicine #college #nursing-application #registered-nurse

Gia An’s Avatar
Gia An Sep 28, 2021 892 views

What Registered Nurse do? And how to become a nurse?

I’m 15 years old and my dream job is become a Nurse to help people, how can I step by step to follow my dream and what I need to do and learn now? #registered-nurses #healthcare