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Samantha ’s Avatar
Samantha Oct 20, 2016 759 views

How to get hired despite not having experience?

What can I do to prove I don't need experience to be successful? #job-coaching

Allexis’s Avatar
Allexis May 17, 2016 540 views

How did you know that the career you chose was the right one for you?

As I've gone through high school I have changed my mind many times about what I want to do. I have taken many personality assessments that were supposed to tell me what direction I should go in, but none of the suggestions seemed like the right fit. #professional

XinYi’s Avatar
XinYi Nov 02, 2021 254 views

What are some things I should know about majoring in business?

#business #college-major

nicola’s Avatar
nicola Nov 03, 2021 243 views

how can we choose our subjects in grade 10?

I am still uncertain which subjects to take. #professional