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sanaa’s Career Goals

I want to become a therapist to help make significant changes in someone's life - for the better.


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sanaa May 24, 2022 547 views

In cognitive behavioral therapy is there a "best" way to go bout approaching people's mental health conditions?

I don't want to ever approach a patient in the wrong way and end up hurting them in some way, I know every situation is different but generally how should I go about talking to my patients

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sanaa May 12, 2022 1821 views

what are the steps after college to become a therapist?

I want to become a therapist in order to help change people's lives for the better, but I'm not sure where that process begins and what steps to take after.

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sanaa Apr 29, 2022 393 views

When it comes to acting or wanting to be on Broadway, what is the best way not to get discourage with failed attempts at making the part you really wanted?

In all of my years of schooling- especially with performing arts- the rejection wasn't terrible or I would get the role I wanted; how would I deal with that especially since it's something I'm not entirely familiar with

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sanaa Apr 27, 2022 368 views

When it comes to psychology/ being a psychologist what is the best way to deal with other people's emotional baggage, or not letting what they tell you effect you personally

Personally I think It's harder to connect with someone without somewhat sympathizing with what they're saying; it takes a massive toll on my own emotional state and I want to get better at not letting that happen