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Milton, Georgia
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I want to be a Nurse in Atlanta, Georgia for a company that gives me opportunities to move up.


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Fiona Apr 29, 2022 538 views

How difficult was nursing school?

I took some AP science classes in high school, and I struggled!! Is it even more difficult?

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Fiona Apr 29, 2022 515 views

Are nurses treated with the same amount of respect as doctors?

In greys anatomy, (I know, a very credible source) they seem as if its an insult to be a nurse, though I know it is not! Are they treated worse IRL?

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Fiona Apr 29, 2022 428 views

What is the most difficult part about being a nurse?

Is it more emotionally or physically draining within the hard parts of this career?

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Fiona Apr 29, 2022 454 views

What is the best part about becoming a nurse?

I have heard really great things about becoming a nurse, but to the nurses out there, why do you stay in it?

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Fiona Apr 27, 2022 370 views

Are nurses able to change specialties once they are at their hospital? How do they gain exposure?

Do they get to go from OBGYN to Cardiac? Etc.