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Charity’s Avatar
Charity Aug 17, 2022 661 views

Should I pursue a secondary career if my teaching career doesn't work out?

I would like to know if its good to keep options open or if I should stick to one career entirely.

Hershey Marie’s Avatar
Hershey Marie Aug 16, 2022 526 views

Confuse on what course to take

I don't know what's the best course to take, kindly give me some guidance. I'm interested in medicine but my parents are not well off.

jose’s Avatar
jose Jul 23, 2016 751 views

What are some scholarships I could apply to that are not frauds?

In school they never speak about how we apply for scholarships, they only teach core lessons and prepare us for testing. We hardly ever hit other important topics in life that should be taught as well. For example doing taxes, applying for school loans, buying/renting a home, etc. Things we...

joy’s Avatar
joy Aug 12, 2022 506 views

I need some counselling

i need tp talk to a psychlogist for some counselling , regarding procastination