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Haohua’s Avatar
Haohua Sep 28, 2022 618 views

Soon to be college student.

How can I find the major I want?

Holly’s Avatar
Holly Oct 31, 2016 631 views

Is opening my own practice a good idea?

I would like to open my own practice after I get my PHD in clinical psychology. Many people have to me that it may not be such a great idea to do so. What might your thoughts on this be? #college-major

raina’s Avatar
raina Sep 27, 2022 535 views

What is some advice for picking a major?

I'm not really passionate about anything.

stella’s Avatar
stella Sep 27, 2022 485 views

Deciding career or major

How did you decide on the major or your career and did you ever regret it?

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Sep 27, 2022 487 views

How do people narrow down majors?

How do people narrow down majors?