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Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
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Thomas May 26, 2016 902 views

What sort of jobs can you get with a Civil Environmental Engineering Degree?

This is my major and I would like to know from a professional what it's like to find a job that fits with their degree. #engineering #engineer #civil-engineering #environmental-science #environmental

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Thomas May 26, 2016 971 views

What kind of jobs should high school students look for?

When I was in high school, I was limited in my options of finding a job because I had no work experience yet every job wants someone with work experience. I would like to know what jobs kids in high school right now should look for. #college #career #jobs #work #group-work

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Thomas May 22, 2016 911 views

How do you use your linkedin profile to it's full advantage to get a job?

I've made a linkedin profile and I don't quite understand how to use it to obtain a job that I want. I am currently a sophomore in college, I major in Civil Environmental engineering and I would like to know how using Linkedin can help me find a job. Thank you. #job #linkedin #ceo...

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Thomas May 21, 2016 1176 views

What are some key factors that you should look for went looking for an apartment?

As a sophomore in college, I have decided to live off campus but finding an apartment is a big step in balancing my income. As any college student that is just placed into the world and told to do what adults do, what should I look for when looking for an apartment? #college #finance #job...