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Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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shree Oct 25, 2022 477 views

Shadow an EMT?

I want to shadow an EMT to learn some practical skills. I am 15 years old. How do I find such opportunities to shadow and learn from an EMT ?

Brianne’s Avatar
Brianne Nov 16, 2022 470 views

What is the best way to stand out from others when applying to colleges?

As someone who wants to study nursing in college and knows how competitive the field is, how do I differentiate myself from others applying? This also goes for the workforce, when I'm applying for different jobs how should my resume and my work experience stand out to make me look like the best...

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Jan 08, 2021 1784 views

What are Specific Advantages of Being Bilingual in Healthcare?

I'm bilingual and I understand the general usefulness of it, but I'd like a deeper insight into how being bilingual can make a positive impact in healthcare, as well as opportunities relating to it.
#bilingual #healthcare #medicine