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Gig Harbor, Washington
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Haley Jun 27, 2016 907 views

How do you get a nursing job after finishing your program?

What kinds of places could I apply to? #nursing #nurse #pediatric-nursing #nursing-education

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Haley Jun 27, 2016 1168 views

What are great nursing programs in the Seattle/PNW area?

I want to apply to a few #college #nursing #nursing-education #seattle

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Haley Jun 27, 2016 805 views

How can I make my nursing application look better? What certification or experiences are they looking for?

I am applying for the nursing program soon #nursing #nurse #nursing-education

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Haley Jun 27, 2016 963 views

Which specialization of nursing pays the most?

Because I like money! #nursing #nursing-education

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Haley Jun 10, 2016 967 views

What is the difference between a BSN attained through a community college v. university?

I am a nursing student at a university and was thinking about a BSN from a community college. #nursing #nurse #student