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Aaron Drossart

Senior mechanical engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Protective Service Occupations
Charlotte, North Carolina
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Lera Nov 29, 2021 1330 views

What is the most challenging part of being a mechanical engineer?

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Mason May 04, 2022 1412 views

1) What does a mechanical engineer's work hours look like?

2) Is it easy to get a job right out of college?
3) What is the starting pay like?
4) What different types of jobs reside inside this degree?
5) Is there a lot of stress in this job?

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Nyasia Oct 25, 2022 683 views

Mechanical Engineer Process

How is the mechanical engineering process? It is harder than others fields of engineering?

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Lucas Jan 24, 2023 1060 views

What keeps you motivated as you work?

Do you keep your energy high or low, when it comes to working with others are you sometimes depleted?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 24, 2023 710 views

How should younger students go about exploring potential careers?

How can students in middle school or younger start learning about careers, especially if they don't have adults they can turn to?

This question comes from our professionals series