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I want to be an applied machine learning engineer in the United States at Google, IBM, or for a genetics/sciences lab

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J Mar 05, 2019 1064 views

Is a MS/MCS degree necessary to work in machine learning engineering

I've seen that quite a few #machine-learning job listings prefer or require graduate degrees. How important is it to get a graduate degree if I want to work in this field? Also, does the professional Master of Computer Science (MCS) degree give me as much of a competitive advantage as MS in...

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J Mar 05, 2019 1017 views

How should I prepare for interviews?

I've heard that books such as Cracking the Coding Interview are good prep for #tech #interviews as well as solving problems on Hackerrank and Leetcode. Are these helpful, and are there any other ways I can prepare myself?

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J May 25, 2016 1170 views

What field should I work in?

I've always enjoyed working with computers, and I've found that tinkering with android phones is something I really enjoy doing. I love trying different custom operating systems and setting everything up efficiently. If these are the things I enjoy doing, what career choice is best for me? I've...

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J May 25, 2016 1036 views

How employable is a 4 year degree in electrical/computer engineering from the university of iowa?

I plan to go to Iowa, and i'm wondering how easy it is to get a job with this major. #engineering #computer #software #electrical-engineering