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Walcott, Iowa

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Lewis’s Avatar
Lewis May 18 349 views

Why is psychology a career that is being underestimated yet it should be given a priority?

Students at school should be given mental health providers because they as well have different disturbances in their minds and they might be afraid to talk about

Daksh’s Avatar
Daksh May 14 354 views

How to be a pilot?

How do you become a pilot? What are the subjects you need to take in every class to be a pilot? And also I am confused what is a yearly salary for a commercial pilot.

wendy’s Avatar
wendy May 03 487 views

which is the best carer path?

career tips

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Apr 29 365 views

How can you choose a business career ?

I've been having tough time making decisions

Ekpenyonganwan’s Avatar
Ekpenyonganwan Apr 27 180 views

What do I do to get a career in social work?

I will really like to help people plan their lives. That's why I really want to study social work and psychology. This will enable me to help people well.

feline’s Avatar
feline Apr 10 225 views

how should I choose my career path?

based on what I may be interested in

Preston’s Avatar
Preston Apr 10 310 views

I am a sophomore in high school, and I am trying to figure out whether I should join the military through West Point as some sort of avionics or computer officer, or if I should become a chiropractor through Palmer in Davenport?

My dad was a mechanic in the military, and I respect him so much for it. I want to be like him; however, I am also considering being a chiropractor. My parents prefer me to be the latter. I want to have a large family, and I appreciate the fact that the military will pay for some of my kids'...

Tata’s Avatar
Tata Apr 08 528 views

How can I start off with any career? What could be the approach?

What are the initial steps for a student to start understanding how to get started with choosing a career.

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Mar 27 413 views

What's the step by step way to an engineering career, and guidelines to follow in everyday life?

What's the step by step way to an engineering career, and guidelines to follow in everyday life

Tweety’s Avatar
Tweety Mar 24 809 views

How can i improve my designing skills to build my resume for applying for jobs?

I am a 13 year old school student. Designing really interests me. I am a self-taught designer.

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Feb 29 479 views

what courses can be used as substitute for software engineering?

my choice is software engineering, but am looking for alternative

Reanna’s Avatar
Reanna Dec 12, 2023 497 views

How much does a vet make?

I want to be a vet

cali’s Avatar
cali Nov 15, 2023 409 views

What type of career would suit me best?

I want a career that is stem related, and is more based in biology, I enjoy the study of microscopic organisms or cells, what career would suit me? what is the correct name?

raymond’s Avatar
raymond Oct 19, 2023 437 views

What steps do i take to reach a Psychology degree ?

i want to be a Psychology major,what highschool steps should i take?

emeis’s Avatar
emeis Oct 04, 2023 288 views

How can I learn coding?

How can I learn coding as a person who had not heared of coding? such as javascript, and how can I put it in everyday life and how can It be useful to me?

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