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Genevieve Apr 03 107 views

How would data science be used in accounting?

Would it analyze ways to boost revenue and control expenses?

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Genevieve Mar 18 199 views

What's it like being a data scientist?

According to an article on Indeed, data scientists "may work in social media companies and use the user data to understand habits and suggest content that the users will enjoy. They may also work in politics and make predictions about the election results. In general, data scientists use the...

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Jacob Feb 22 146 views

How do we plan for fincances?

How much debt do you generally go into after completing your college course and how long does it take to pay off taking into consideration that you then pay for a house/apartment and a car?

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Genevieve Sep 27, 2022 295 views

Should I double major in both data science and data analytics? Or should I major in one and minor in another?

I feel that as a data analysis, I would have more career options. However, being a data scientist appeals to me. Should I major in data science, and minor in data analytics, or vice versa? Can a data scientist work as a data analyst?