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Jolee Mar 03 168 views

As someone starting off in the career world, how do I come off as most professional at a young age?

older people seem to have a sense of seniority, but everyone starts somewhere. Where do beginners start, and what can we do to up our professionalism in the workforce?

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Jolee Mar 03 113 views

As a therapist, do you believe you should have your own therapist?

Anyone who is a therapist carries lots of weight on their shoulders. Do you believe it's beneficial for a therapist to have a therapist?

I know there are laws that state you cannot disclose what people tell you, but how do you handle these difficult topics?

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Jolee Mar 03 102 views

what conflicts should I expect when being a social worker?

Whenever I read articles, and hear things about conflicts that I should expect when I become a social worker, I never get a clear answer or idea of what really occurs within this specific job.