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Jeremy Anderson

Senior Consultant at Armanino
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Terre Haute, Indiana
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Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 09, 2023 293 views

How would I better prepare myself if I want to pursue in a business major?

I'm currently in 9th grade right now and I'm trying to find out different ways on how I can get myself into a business major.

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian May 10, 2023 330 views

Do you need a business degree if you want to be an accountant ?

If so why do I need one is it there another way of becoming an accountant without one. Do I evens need to to collage to at all to be an accountant.

audrey’s Avatar
audrey May 25, 2023 3763 views

What are some passion projects for someone who wants to get into finance/accounting during college?

I'm interested in pursuing something related to accounting/finance in college, but I don't know where to start in order to prepare for college admissions (people always say to do passion projects..) Are there any extra-curriculars that would help be get a better understanding of the fields...