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Lonna Jun 18 103 views

How can I start learning cosmetology in middle school?

I'm in eighth grade. I want to start learning cosmetology before I start taking basic classes in high school.

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Genesis May 25 123 views

How long does it normally take to get your teacher credentials ?

Im a high school student soon to graduate and want to know more about my future career.

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Rickey May 08 99 views

what was your path to becoming a teacher?

school to colloge to teaching carrrer

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 09 71 views

What things can I do to become a special ed teacher?

I have been wanting to be a teacher for a while

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Jenna May 12 100 views

Why should I wait till I get tenure to get my doctorate in education?

People are telling me this, but I don't know if I should or not...

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Ginger Jun 03 93 views

How to get motivatedto teach others when in a bad mood?

I don't know what to put here for additional information.