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Kaylee Carr-Taylor

Consulting and Data Analytics
Gilbert, Arizona
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Sophia Jun 05 339 views

How did you know what career you wanted to pursue and did you take a few years in college before deciding Also, how did you decide which college was right for you? ?

I’m still in high school and I feel like there are lots of different things I would be interested in and I just don’t know how to narrow it down.

Alise’s Avatar
Alise Jun 07 150 views

What are things that help with balancing and weighing the pros and cons of two different career goals that you are equally interested in?

I'm a 9th grader who goes to a performing arts high school so that I can learn about dance and see whether it is or isn't what I want to pursue in the future

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Joseline Aug 22, 2018 322 views

There are many college students that are living off campus and I was wondering, does living on campus all four years really beneficially? Or does one year suffice?

Hello, I am a freshman majoring biomedical engineering in Arizona State University. I hope to gain great knowledge from others that can be beneficial. #IraAFultonSchoolsofEngineering