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Abhinav Jul 30, 2023 330 views

What does it mean to grow as you grow older?

As I grow to an older age, what does it mean to become a more wise person. How do I develop my wisdom and become a better person through all the noise that surrounds us.

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Jul 31, 2023 221 views

How much education did it take?

I’ve always been curious on how much education specific jobs take. Of course there’s a general amount but how much did education and training did it take for your specific job?

Mac’s Avatar
Mac Aug 01, 2023 191 views

Why can I do with knowing 2 languages?

Im 13 taking AP Spanish. I have been studying Spanish at a K-8 for around 9 years. We are taking the AP test this year. After middle school we have the opportunity to go to a high school and start taking college courses for credits too receive are translating degree. I will be not attending...

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Aug 01, 2023 367 views

How do I take great photos with an iphone?

I have an iphone 8 and I want to be a photographer but I don’t have a camera and my phone is good but not great. I’m getting a new phone soon but I will take any advice on taking better photos.

ANDREW’s Avatar
ANDREW Aug 03, 2023 407 views

What are some of the best ways to network with other entrepreneurs in the area?

I'm an entrepreneurial finance major and recent graduate from the Leeds School of Business.

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Aug 03, 2023 328 views

What’s the hardest part about collage and deciding what you want to do.

I play football and I love the medical field but I don’t know how long I want to stay with football. What’s your advice