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Jasmine F. May 08, 2016 4305 views

I want to work in the communications field but I am shy and not very talkative ,what should I do?

I want to work in the communications field but I am shy and not very talkative what should I do. I wanted to be a reporter but I'm having second thoughts due to my shyness....


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Hailey B. May 24, 2016 466 views

Am I going about becoming an editor the correct way?

I am about to be attending my first year of college, though I have taken some college classes already to get ahead. After taking an online English class, I decided I want to be an editor. I know editing, like most other things, takes practice to get good at. I've got my college plans all...

#editorial-writing #english #technical-writing #news-editor

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Christina A. Jul 07, 2016 682 views

What are the most important traits or skills to develop before starting a career?

I am currently in college. I would like learn and develop important skills and traits that would make me stand out in any field. What do you think are the most important skills to master? #college #career #development #interviewing-skills...


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Tiffanie L. Aug 19, 2016 726 views

How do you get over public speaking fears?

Before I give a presentation, I usually get very anxious, and even though I might be pretty prepared, I stutter and repeat the same words sometimes. What are good tips and tricks to help me improve presentation skills, and how would you give a great speech? #communications #communication...

#public-speaking #personal-development #class