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Ignacio F. Mar 12, 2014 1435 views

Scholarships, I'm scared

I'm looking into scholarships, but i'm scared that i'm not going to be able to find one. I have seen a number of different scholarships and the requirements seem attainable, but i know that a number of people also compete for them. I'm also scared that i'm going to beaten in the process. Is...

#scholarships #competition #academics

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Ignacio F. Mar 05, 2014 668 views

Does college name matter when pursuing a career in health?

When health professionals branch out and seek work in clinics, does the college or university matter? When two or more people compete for an open position, will they hire the person with the greatest experience or will they hire the person who went to a better known college? Like, a well known...

#health #college

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Ignacio F. Mar 05, 2014 762 views

What exactly is Sports Psychology?

I've always done sports growing up. Trying out and competing new in sports has never phased me negatively to the point of distress or disorder. Many of my role model athletes such as Mike Tyson have fallen under psychological issues that lead to their downfalls. I am a part of a health &...

#health #sports #psychology #mental-health

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Ignacio F. Mar 04, 2014 1016 views

I haven't quite figured out what my interests are. Advice needed.

I have been looking at a wide range of possible careers, but nothing interests me. What would be the best way to develop my interest? Through more research or through first hand experience? #college #career #jobs...