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Rizwan Hanif

Solutions Integration Architect at Cisco Systems Inc
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Ebince Jun 23, 2016 798 views

Networking in Computer why so important after completing PG Courses

Completing UG and PG courses in Computer many would take up courses of Networking. What difference it makes. How is so useful

Noah ’s Avatar
Noah May 26, 2016 1328 views

In the Telecommunications field how important was your portfolio?

Wanting more insight on how important your portfolio is and the content in it.

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 24, 2016 771 views

What are the best opportunities for someone entering mechanical engineering?

I was wondering what are the good things to know beforehand what mechanical engineering offers for people. I want to know what are the kind of projects I can work on with that field in mind. I would like to know if there are any limits to what projects I can work on in that field....

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 24, 2016 747 views

What are some related careers I should consider for mechanical engineering?

I would like to know the career paths I could be on for mechanical engineering. What does it offer me to work on? I want to know about the kind of careers that deal with programming mostly. #career #mechanical-engineering #career-path #programming #help #advice

Bharath’s Avatar
Bharath May 23, 2016 1178 views

Which is the best combination in Network and Hardware engineering?

I have completed 12th, i am intersted in Networking. #engineering #networking