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Mohammad Mar 08, 2017 1609 views

How important is including voluntary activities in one's resume?

I am an Electrical Engineering graduate student. I wonder if, in such a technical field as mine, adding voluntary activities such as working for X charity and the like can have any impact on the recruiter's decision to hire me. #mechanical-engineering #human-resources #civil-engineering...

Mohammad’s Avatar
Mohammad Mar 07, 2017 3055 views

How do you handle behavioral interview questions when not prepared?

Say you are in a job interview and you get asked a behavioral interview question such as "cite a situation when you had to adapt to changes beyond your control" or the like and you had no particular story present even though you might have had that exact situation happen to you. How would you...

Katelyn’s Avatar
Katelyn Jan 27, 2017 1783 views

What does someone who goes into HR do?

If I decided to go into HR with my degree, what would I do? What do Human Resource people do? #human-resources #hr

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Dec 21, 2016 1485 views

What traits does a hiring manager look for in a graduating student who does not have years of work experience?

I am about to head into my last semester of college and have not yet found an internship. I may have to move after graduating, and was wondering what traits help an applicant/candidate get a job when they do not have the years of work experience behind them. #human-resources #hiring

Julie ’s Avatar
Julie Aug 16, 2016 1316 views

What is the best way to find work if you don't have any experience?

Jobs that I have applied to don't want to consider me because I've never worked before. #human-resources