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Angelina May 11, 2017 2168 views

What is the best way to answer those "worst flaw" questions at an interview?

I know that you aren't supposed to say "I don't have any flaws" or "My biggest flaw is that I am a hard worker", but I don't know what the best answer would be. Are companies looking for people who say "My biggest flaw is _____, but I have done this, that, and the other thing, to improve it."...

Sourav’s Avatar
Sourav May 11, 2017 1175 views

Aeronautics or Astronomy or Astronautics... Which is better for me to go ahead with as my career?

I like all three, but can go ahead with any 2 of them together, either aeronautics then astronautics, or Astronomy then astronautics. I like looking at the stars in the night sky and also wanna go ahead with things related to space, but I'm also an aviation enthusiast. Please suggest me on what...