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alomdra’s Avatar
alomdra Apr 14 269 views

How can I become a nurse? How can I better help myself at getting into a nursing program?

I am in the 11th grade. I favorite career interest at the moment is Registered nursing. I like doing any hands on activities and I am a fast learner. I also really like biology.

Laila’s Avatar
Laila Jul 13, 2023 302 views

What should a high school student career pathways look like when becoming a nurse practitioner?

what should a high school student have planned for her path to being coming a nurse practitioner pathway without having to end up deep in student loan dept in the end?

Horzeckia’s Avatar
Horzeckia Oct 28, 2022 550 views

Within the workplace, how would you control emotions towards your best patient if something goes wrong?

What should I expect as a CNA?
What kind of medical equipment would be needed?
Which is the best, home care or facility care?
I am currently a direct support care worker, what do you think would best prepare me for this career-field?

Josephine’s Avatar
Josephine Oct 02, 2016 732 views

The high school I go to has a health sciences program that lets students take their CNA but after high school I would like to immediately find a job in the medical field while taking my pre-requisites for nursing college. What would be the best job option

I am asking this question because I would love to immediately start putting what I learn to good use in my selected career path. However, the catch is that I would still have to be able to go to college at the same time. #nursing #nurse #health #registered-nurses

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie May 19, 2016 1454 views

Nurse Practitioner Clinical Sites

The nurse practitioner online program that I am enrolled in requires the student to find clinical sites and preceptors. Are there any suggestions or comments regarding finding clinical placement? Thanks! #nursing #nurse #healthcare #nurse-practitioner

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 26, 2016 1039 views

What are the challenges faced with becoming a nurse practitioner?

I would love to get my masters degree in Nursing to become a practitioner and I would like to know some personal experiences and challenges that are faced in this field/career. Any advice going into this profession would be great too! #nursing #nurse-practitioner #masters