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Cameron Keffer

Freelance digital artist
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Production Occupations
Houston, Texas
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anna’s Avatar
anna Oct 19, 2021 463 views

What things do I try related to photography to get a head start on experience?

#photography #art

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jan 15, 2018 915 views

Do you need a Master Degree in Animation

Is it really necessary to get a Master Degree in Animation to get your dream job? #animation #college #3d-animation #character-animation #higher-education

Zainab’s Avatar
Zainab Jan 07, 2017 1197 views

Should College or School be my only place to do designing projects? Or should I practice during my off time? If yes, what kind of projects should I practice doing?

A question I had before majoring in Graphic Design. I am sure alot of highschool or college students interested in GD will be asking a similar question to this.
#graphic-design #animation #illustrator #photoshop #indesign #portfolio #logo-design

Rita’s Avatar
Rita May 19, 2016 941 views

Applying for internships in animation?

What advice do you have for animation students applying to intern? What do companies look for specifically in applicants and what can I do to make my application stronger? #animation #3d-animation #illustrator #computer-animation #illustration #character-animation