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Melissa A. Jul 29, 2017 928 views

What type of resume do you provide for a social impact corporation?

It is hard enough just trying to make a resume to fit into the corporate world, but to make a resume that is specifically aimed at social impact, like human trafficking, there must be some way to get across how passionate you are about dealing with such matters. #corporate-social-responsibility...

#human-resources #recruiting #job-application

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Sabina B. Dec 30, 2017 511 views

What are the most important skills and abilities you look for in employees and coworkers?

Hello everyone! I am a student halfway through my second year in college, and I hope to graduate with the skills and abilities necessary to best contribute to whichever workplace I find myself after graduation. I would love to receive responses from people of a wide variety of industries - what...

#coaching-employees #employee-relations #employee-training #human-resources #career-development