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The key to being great at hospitality is the ability to serve people from the heart, and love doing it! A caring personality with a proactive vision to surprise and delight others with your...

Active Aug 26 '17 at 02:29 AM
Posted by Garry Abbs’s Avatar Garry A.

University of Nevada Las Vegas, the #1 hospitality school in the world. The focus is on real life interaction with some of the largest and finest hotels in the world. The name has helped me in my career, the education and experience is second to...

Active Aug 25 '17 at 02:03 PM
Posted by Garry Abbs’s Avatar Garry A.

First of all, get your degree. The climb will be easier and faster for you. An Executive Chef on a cruise ship makes between $10,000-$12,000 USD per month. Plus you can make even more by opening your own restaurant. Good luck!...

Active Aug 25 '17 at 02:01 PM
Posted by Garry Abbs’s Avatar Garry A.

I started as a bus person making gratuities and love it, then graduated to a Bellman and then made more! It depends upon what you want to do. Do not put your mind on money, like I did. It cost me in the long run, because I did not learn as much doing a repetitive job, as opposed to...

Active Aug 25 '17 at 01:59 PM
Posted by Garry Abbs’s Avatar Garry A.

Hello Akash, great question! I used to live in Goa, India, as my wife whom I met while working onboard Celebrity Cruises is from there. Great food, beaches, and fun! You have a few options. You may want to do what I did. I worked at a hotel to acquire the money to go to school, and...

Active Aug 23 '17 at 07:58 PM
Posted by Garry Abbs’s Avatar Garry A.
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