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Angela Coleman Sherman

Senior Account Manager at Google
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Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Shailah’s Avatar
Shailah Apr 27, 2012 10944 views

What are the best ways to advertise a t-shirt business?

I am starting a t shirt business where you can put whatever you want for different groups and organizations . What do you think is the best way to get my business known (advertising)? #marketing #advertising #clothing

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Apr 09, 2014 1023 views

How do you make your business stand out and be better than the rest without doing anything crazy expensive?

I want to own and run a business. #advertising #buisness

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Mar 12, 2014 15530 views

What kind of things inspired you to major in marketing?

I am interested in marketing. I want to know some things that have made other people major in this field. #marketing #major #people #love #swag

KarenLSil’s Avatar
KarenLSil Feb 22, 2012 5030 views

Transitioning into a marketing field?

Hi, I am soon to be graduating with my BA in marketing, I have been an office receptionist/ assistant for a while now but I like to change since my field is now marketing. I don't find my current situation fulfilling anymore. I have tried applying to marketing firms as a receptionist to get...

Carlos ’s Avatar
Carlos Apr 08, 2014 1503 views

what advice do you give to an aspiring advertiser?

i've watched mad men a lot lately and i am just so fascinated with what they do and i want to do how to get into that world. #advertising #buisness