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Joel Dec 27, 2019 512 views

Between civil and mechanical engineers, who is more relevant to the society


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Shelby May 31, 2018 1863 views

What degree would be more beneficial to me? Construction science or construction management?

I am female, interested in a career in the construction industry and looking to attend either Texas A&M or University of Texas at Tyler. I believe I am more interested in residential building than the industrial aspects. Which degree would be more beneficial to me? #construction...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Jan 23, 2018 737 views

as a civil engineer, what is considered an efficient work path for the engineer?

I am pursuing the area of civil engineering and I am simply worried for my future since I do not have everything structured yet. I have a few plans for my future, but I want to be as efficient as possible in my workplace. Therefore, how can I make myself an efficient civil engineer?...

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Daniel Jan 12, 2018 711 views

Is it possible to go to school full-time for a STEM-related field and work two part time jobs?

I've heard stories of super-human effort which seem nearly impossible to do, not because of lack of energy, but due to lack of time. How do some people manage to do all of that and still have time for a breather? #stem #part-time #college #academic-advising

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Jessica Jan 18, 2018 543 views

As a civil engineering student, what is the best time to take the F.E. exam?

I will be graduating in May I already took it last year and failed and of course I plan on taking it again. Do companies look for you to have already taken it before you graduate or is it acceptable to take it afterwards?

Many thanks. #feexam #fecivil ##civilengineering

Asad’s Avatar
Asad Jan 14, 2018 816 views

How hard is it to Double Major?

I am looking to major in both Civil Engineering and Business, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or could offer advice #technology