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I want to be an architect in Florida.


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Tatiana R. Aug 27, 2018 268 views

A career in outreach programs

I am currently studying architecture and learning (or attempting to) multiple language. I want to one day join an outreach program where I can use these skills to help people (both in USA and international). What are suggestions of steps to take to enter an outreach program professionally? For...

#outreach #career #minors #international

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Tatiana R. Aug 27, 2018 213 views

How do I start studying my minor?

I am currently at a community college (Valencia) studying for a major in architecture and after earning my AA will transfer to a university (University of Central Florida). Could I start taking classes toward a minor or would I have to wait til I transfer to a university? #majors-and-minors...


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Tatiana R. Mar 14, 2018 268 views

What year to most people start work-study programs under an architecture degree?

I want to know if I would be able to reasonably pay for (i.e. half of tuition at average price college) and live off of a work-study program while in college. Also would I be able to do this starting my first year in college (I don't have my AA yet so I would be studying for that my first...

#tuition #architecture #work #college-advice #architect #work-study #associatesdegree

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Tatiana R. Mar 07, 2018 260 views

Where does scholarship money go?

How is the money you earn from scholarships organized. I applied for scholarships through multiple websites and paper applications so if I win any how would I even request to use it in college? Do colleges automatically take it out or would I have to contact the people I received the...

#college #scholarships