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Verona L. May 21, 2016 620 views

How can I avoid taking out loans?

About to be a freshman in college, but I do not want to fall into debt. #student #students #financial-aid #student-loans...


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Devetra C. Mar 28, 2018 371 views

What are some other tech industry related fields?

Want to get in Global marketing in the tech sector. But want to explore different areas. #technology...


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Danni G. Apr 12, 2018 474 views

Would someone graduating at 40 with their first degree in civil engineering have a chance in the workforce?

Is it sensible or feasible (or how does the outlook seem in general) to get one's first degree at 40 as a civil engineer? (Entering college at 35, graduating at 40) Would potential employers be biased against an "old" newbie, making it impossible to pay off school debt at such a late date...

#civil-engineering #adult-education #engineering #career-change