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Ursula Apr 09, 2017 1055 views

How many softwares should I get familiar with?

I'm still in university and I plan on working in Post Production, I'm currently familiar working with Avid and Premiere Pro are there any other software that I should learn while I'm still studying? #computer-software #software #film-production #editing #video-editing #post-production #short-films

Cristopher’s Avatar
Cristopher Jan 10, 2018 1400 views

Can I pursue more than 3 majors at the same time? Or should i just settle for a double major?

Is there a way to be able to major in multiple things (3 or more at the same time).?
Or should I just settle for a double major in Law (earn a Juris Doctor Degree) and Computer science (Computer Software Engineering)? #attorney #computer-software #computer #lawyer

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Jan 18, 2018 678 views

For those that have gone into the field of software development, what would you say is one of the most interesting programs you've created?

I've always been into coding and plan to go into the field of computer science when I'm in college. I find it interesting when people tell me all the amazing things they were able to create with their knowledge of different coding languages. #technology #computer-software

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Oct 23, 2016 1226 views

What is the best college path to learn computer coding

Trying to find the best colleges that offer coding #computer-software #coding