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Colleen Oct 29, 2018 1014 views

What do I need to study to become an entrepreneur?

I want to start my own company, what skills do I need? What benefits does college have to becoming an entrepreneur?

#entrepreneur #business #small-business

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Naysa Nov 28, 2018 951 views

If I want to pursue social media management as a career how can I achieve this?

So I received my General Studies Associates in May and I am looking to go attain my Bachelors degree but I need more clarity on what to do. I definitely want to study cinematography, photography and digital media marketing. I need some clarification concerning Digital media marketing. Since...

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Nancy Aug 25, 2018 805 views

How you ever have time for yourself? Like spend time with yourself

#selfrelaxe #stressfree #MeAndOnlyMe

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Salome Oct 10, 2018 625 views

Is it possible to have a successful job in the medical field and still have a big and happy family?

#premed #doctor