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Khloe G. Jan 30, 2018 254 views

How important are internships?

I also want to know if you get paid or if you don't, the duration, etc......


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Tiffany R. Aug 25, 2018 182 views

When earning a degree in Finance, what general courses are needed and what career field i can obtain?

I've been interested in becoming a financial advisor or anything relating the finance field....


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Ekran Y. Oct 14, 2018 213 views

Tips to get into the college of my choice?

Want to get into a college that is hard to get in....


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Cierra M. Oct 15, 2018 152 views

What is an easy way out find out if a college professor isn't good at their job before taking their class?

In the past, I have had poor experiences with signing up for professors that have no passion or little expertise in the topic that they choose. It feels like a gamble, honestly. I am aware of sites that have student reviews on professors, but only two of mine in my entire college are on any of...

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