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Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
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Yuri Jul 29, 2020 1862 views

Are there jobs related to Complex Systems?

I've always been interested in complex systems, from network science to the study of emerging properties of multi agent systems. But at the moment I see complex systems more as a research field than a practical thing in the industry. Do you know if there are jobs related to complex systems?...

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Yuri Jul 17, 2020 833 views

Will there be abroad remote Internships in 2020/2021?

Considering that the Covid situation won't end soon do you think there will be remote internships in the IT field? I think that this choice for IT companies should be really interesting because at least you don't have additional costs except the salary, so I'd like to hear your point of view...

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Yuri Apr 22, 2020 1305 views

With COVID-19, will possible for me to work or study abroad in the near future?

#study-abroad #work-abroad #COVID-19

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Yuri Feb 27, 2019 716 views

How to get an internship abroad

I'm always looking for software-developer internship for student abroad but I always find the requirements too high for me, even thought I'm going at university so I should be able to satisfy them.
What can you suggest me to do?
#study-abroad #summer-jobs #computer-science