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Maia Marken

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Bethany Aug 26, 2018 793 views

What are your top tips for college years?

What are some pieces of wisdom you have learned over your time, such as advice for studying, applications, scholarships, internships, etc.? #internships

Alanna’s Avatar
Alanna Aug 28, 2018 1927 views

How can I appeal to internships with little experience in my field?

I'm really interested in a summer internship in biology, wildlife, or environmental science but most applications ask for experience related to the job. I want an internship in order to have experience for my future career but I'm afraid of being rejected due to lack of it. #internship #career...

Nilan’s Avatar
Nilan Aug 30, 2018 732 views

For how long should I intern?

I would like to know the best time I should be interning for a place #internships

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Jul 03, 2018 590 views

What should I know for an internship?

I asked a similar question about what should I know for shadowing, and, well, this is very similar. Do I need to have extensive knowledge of the field that I internship for, or should I treat it as a learning experience where I go in with familiarity of the field, but still have many questions?...

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Mar 05, 2019 651 views

What type of tech. jobs can I get with a business degree?

I am majoring in business but also enjoy working with technology/computers. What are some jobs/careers I would be qualified for with a business degree? #tech #business