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Jim Lathan

Advisory Sales Engineer
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Lugoff, South Carolina
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Tejuoso’s Avatar
Tejuoso Apr 02, 2019 792 views

Can I get a volunteer job to work with

I want to join a non governmental organization as a volunteer #volunteer

David’s Avatar
David Apr 03, 2019 758 views

I'm in my freshman year in college and it is difficult for me to financially do it I'm not a quitter but can anyone offer some good advice?

#college #finances #college-advice

Dan’s Avatar
Dan Apr 03, 2019 339 views

How do I get a job working in politics if I have no connections

I'd like to get a job working for a senator or representative. Or at least an internship. But I have no connections.

tiesha’s Avatar
tiesha Apr 02, 2019 544 views

What are the steps you recommend I take?

#nurse #RN #registered-nurses #nursing #medicine #healthcare

William’s Avatar
William Apr 03, 2019 1251 views

Any tips on preparing for ASVAB?

#army #military